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Foundational Biblical Teaching from Top Pastors and Leaders

Yes, I'm fully aware; I'm a devotional junkie.

I can't keep up with all the amazing devotionals available--attractive branding, solid content... what are you to do?

Pick up Living in the Light. This lightweight, leather-bound devotional is a great addition to your 2019 reading list, giving you daily encouragement to focus on Jesus.

These devotionals are written by a variety of trustworthy pastors and ministry leaders, giving you a fresh, new voice every day, but remaining close to foundational Biblical teaching.

Structurally, each devotional begins with a Bible passage, delves into the topic, and closes with a short prayer. These devotionals are not dated, so you can pick this up any time throughout the year. A bonus scripture index can also be found at the back of the book if you are looking for a devotional tied to a specific topic.

In all, Living in the Light is a great devotional to begin 2019 (or any time of the year) with.

Disclaimer: I received this book from the pub…

Motivating and Equipping You to Grow in Faith

If you are hoping to start 2019 (or any year) with a fresh start, Restoration Year is the devotional you've been looking for.

This devotional, penned by well-known bestselling author John Eldredge, is meant not only to restore you in your faith journey but to motivate you and equip you to grow.

Beautiful, modern design adorn this hardback (making this book work for both men and women). Inside, you'll find in-depth devotionals that get you thinking at a deeper level (and are meant to instill positive change in the reader). I love how devotions further along in the year check-in at your growth and improvement.

The one-page readings begin with a verse (often in the Message translation, which I appreciated). The devotional follows and a prayer, thought-provoking question, or reflective statement closes off each daily read. The appendix features a bibliography, sources by date, and "Our Daily Prayer."

I think this book would be a positive reinforcement for anyone needing …

Strikingly Gorgeous Devotional Journals

My dreams have come true now that I've heard about Ellie Claire products. Once again, their devotional journals have hit it out of the park. The idea of combining a devotional with room to journal is wonderful and will allow readers to really grow during their year of study.

Each of these devotional journals is uniquely gorgeous in their own way. I don't say that lightly. You can tell thought went into the design and flow of each one and the design compliments the topic inside.

Each journal is formatted similarly--they have 365 devotionals; a page each, with a scripture verse or quote, a few paragraphs of text, and then a closing prayer that applies to the lesson. What is unique about these devotionals is the half-page left for journaling in response to the reading. This wonderful feature really allows you to respond to what you learn and apply it to your life with a prayer, question, or any creative outlet.

Peace Begins With Me

Simple and soothing, this devotional journal feat…

An Assurance of God's Promises Every Day

This time of year, I'm always on the hunt for great new devotionals. With a new year on the way, it's a great habit to begin January 1 with a brand new daily devotional.

And this one is a good one. God's Promises Every Day is packed with encouragement for every day of the year. A few paragraphs make up each daily read, book-ended by a scripture passage and a prayer. I appreciate that these are one-page, making it an attainable habit to read one daily.

Promises that are unpacked in this devotional include titles like:
God Comforts YouOur AdvocateGod Always WinsAbundant MercyLet Peace Rule I really like the content of this book but I also appreciate its physical appearance. It's a really nice leather-look hardcover and the back of the devotional has Joshua 23:14 (a great assurance of God's promises) in embossed print. Little aspects like this make this book really attractive and special and would also make it a great gift (especially for any man in your life).


Encourage and Strengthen Young Women with Truths in God's Word

More than ever, young people are being inundated with voices. Phones, video games, computers--how does the voice of God get through?

This is when I'm so thankful for devotions like Beloved: 365 Devotions for Young Women. Perfect for teen girls, this devotional will encourage and strengthen young women and be the right voice for them to listen to in today's confusing world.

This devotional is hardcover, with beautiful illustrations and fonts adorning the pages. Each day begins with a scripture and has a page-long devotion. At the end of the page, young women have a chance to take notes or write out a personal prayer in ruled lines. The entries aren't dated, so readers can begin this book at any time of the year.

This book is a great resource for young women who need some Biblical influence in their lives--the content is easy-to-read, encouraging, and--most of all--full of Biblical truths.

For more information, visit

Disclaimer: I…

Classically Beautiful, Approachable Writing

What a classically beautiful devotional. The striking, engraved leather cover really makes Fixing My Eyes on Jesus a wonderful keepsake or gift.

Anne Graham Lotz is a known name for good reason. Her writing is familiar, easy to understand, and approachable, giving her devotions impact on the reader.

In Fixing My Eyes on Jesus, each day of the year has a devotional, all a page long. Each devotional has a topic (He Will Restore You, Eternal Life, The Light of Joy, Teaching by Example) meant to encourage and inspire you to draw nearer to Jesus. The devotional begins with a verse and a few paragraphs unpack a lesson. These devotionals are meant to be "moments" - easily and speedily consumable but meant to help form a good habit and help you focus on Jesus.

This is a great devotional for any believer, new or old. I really appreciated the size of the text and book itself; the larger size makes it perfect for someone who is more comfortable with larger print.

Disclaimer: I received …

Grow Closer to God and Your Future Spouse with These Devotions

I'm so glad devotionals like Preparing Your Heart for Marriage exist. First of all, getting married is a huge step, and the more time couples spend with God preparing for that is only a good thing. This devotional makes it possible to grow closer to God and your future spouse with the lessons on these pages.

This book is made up of 30 devotions, each starting with a Bible verse followed by a few pages of text. After that, couples can read a prayer together and answer several questions for reflection that help unpack the lesson. These are in-depth devotions that will stimulate heart-to-heart discussion and learning - and they require dedicated time and energy.

You can feel confident to receive direction and wisdom reading devotions like:
The Most Important ThingsIntoxicated with PassionMarriage is a Team SportThe Gift You are About to Receive Gary Thomas' other book, "The Sacred Search," taught me a lot about what to look for in a spouse, so I expected the same level o…

Learning to Put Our Hope in Jesus

I've always enjoyed Charles Stanley's works, and this devotional perfectly captures his friendly, easy-to-understand tone in a 365-day daily devotional.

In the style of "Hope for Each Day," Jesus, Our Perfect Hope offers a year's worth of devotionals themed around hope. Each devotional has a title, Bible verse, a few paragraphs of learning, and closes with a prayer and "My hope is in Jesus because..." statement. The closing prayer and statement tie in well to the devotional and help readers apply it to their lives.

With a gorgeous, padded leather-look hardcover, gold foil text, and a ribbon marker, this would be a treasured gift. Because of the look, this book would be a great inspiration for men especially, but the topic is relevant to everyone (we all need hope, don't we?). This devotional would be a great way to start the new year if you need some hope--and need a reminder of who to hope in!

Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher in …

Perfect for Anyone Who Appreciates Journaling and Art

Yes, I'm spoiled. I'm not holding just one journal in my hand. I'm holding three.

If you've read any of my other reviews, you know I'm a big journaler and a major sucker for anything artsy. Well, enter these three gorgeous art journals, published by Ellie Claire.

First up, the Faith and Lettering journal. This one is probably my favorite because it's so me--attractive fonts and lots of color make this journal fun and bright. This is a very interactive journal, with space to trace, try, and practice the hand-lettered scripture. Full page, full-color spreads of Bible verses fill in space between the lined pages for journaling, making this book the best of both worlds--pretty and functional. 
Next, The Illustrated Word journal. What makes this journal unique is that in between all the lined pages are full-spread interpretations of the illuminated Bible. Ancient images are rendered into detailed coloring pages, maintaining the sacredness but making them accessible f…

Unlike Any Other Bible I've Seen


When I opened the package that contained this book, I was shocked. This is nothing like I was picturing. And that's a great thing.

Way beyond my expectations, The Infographic Bible is not like any Bible you've ever seen.

First off, it looks like a textbook--hardcover, heavy, and huge. Second, it doesn't include the text of the Bible at all. Instead, it's all visual. (Cue mouthwatering for someone like me.)

If you're a visual learner, appreciate art, or want to learn more about the Bible in general, this is the perfect book for you.

There is so much to unpack in these 84 infographics, it's hard to even scratch the surface of what you will learn. Some areas that I loved were:

The First Family TreeNoah's ArkParallel Passages: the Voice of the Old in the NewTop 5 Subjects Jesus Taught OnPaul's Journeys This is a book you definitely leave out on your table. And it came into my life at the perfect time--I am hoping to dig in deeper to my knowledge of the…

Perfect for Moms Who Need a Daily Reminder of God's Presence and Encouragement

One can never have too many devotionals. Especially when they are just so pretty!

Beautiful scripted fonts and floral illustrations decorate the pages of this lovely devotional--but even better are the lessons inside.

The Better Mom Devotional is here to shape Mom's hearts as we shape our homes, and with 100 Mom-related, applicable devotions, Moms will feel uplifted and encouraged each day.

Each devotional begins with a Bible verse and then 2 pages of a reading all Moms could relate to. The devotion closes with a short written prayer and 2 application questions.

These devotionals guide readers away from the guilt, perfectionism, and busyness that Moms often struggle with, and refocuses their attention on God. Some topics include:

Rest for the WearyFilling Your Home with BeautyFriends Who StayWhen Anxiety is OverwhelmingFinding Joy in Letting Go
This devotional is perfect for Moms who need a daily reminder of God's presence and influence and a bit of encouragement in the amazing…

A Great Resource for Middle School Girls

I love these books. I love the branding, I love the illustrations, I love the content. They're fun, easy to digest, and full of good information.

Like the other guides published by these authors, the book outlines about 100 topics that girls face in middle school. It includes school-related items, like:

AssembliesDetentionHome RoomLocker RoomsSubstitute Teachers And some things a lot of girls wouldn't find anywhere but a book like this, like: DramaFood OdorMean GirlsSkipping School Facts, How-Tos, Jokes, Quotes, and True or False call out boxes adorn each topic. Plenty of illustrations also add a fun flavor throughout the book. 
Now that I work with some girls in Middle School, I know what an important time of life it is to have the right information and influence on your life. A book like this is a great thing to give to someone just entering middle school and maybe not so sure, or just a resource to have on the shelf at your church or library. 
Disclaimer: I received this book f…

Traits of God That Bring Hope

Ever picked up a book because it was pretty and then realized it was one of the best choices you could have ever made? That's what Hope Your Heart Needs was to me.

This little hardcover is full of 52 reads. This book reads like a devotional, but the entries are a little bit longer than what you'd normally find; about 4 pages each.

Each reading starts with a word describing who God is; things like:

Beginning and EndHelperRefugeAdvocateHealer An applicable Bible verse starts off every reading and then follows a short, personal story or lesson to apply the trait of God to your life. At the end of the reading, there is a short prayer.

I got a lot out of this book. Somehow, the exact right lesson would fall on a day I needed it (Tear Catcher is one I'll never forget!). The prayers at the end, especially, I felt to be exactly what I needed. Sometimes you read a good devotional, but it's hard to know what to say. The sample prayer made it really easy to talk to God about what …

Bright, Happy, and Full of (Christian) Christmas Cheer

I love this little book! Bright, joyful, and full of Christmas cheer, My Christmas ABCs is a happy hardcover that will bring joy to little ones as they recognize their ABCs through Christmas-themed items.

Adorable illustrations fill this book along with a good dose of sparkle. I love the bright happy colors and the multi-dimensional glitter aspect on each page. The book itself is also bigger than more ABC books on the market (which means it's easier for kids to handle and the pictures are bigger).

A wintry, Christmas-y book, I really appreciated the Christian angle they managed to include. There is reference to the Nativity, Jesus, and Wisemen, but no Santa Claus (now that's rare!). I also really loved the important multi-cultural aspect and representation of different races (baby Jesus and the Wisemen are not white!).

This cute book will make any little one happy. I know one little one in particular that is going to want to read it again and again!

Disclaimer: I received this …

A Cherished Keepsake to Relive Christmas Memories

Christmas is coming (yay)! And that means a lot of fun, color, love, and family time. Sometimes, though, I find that with all the busyness, it all goes too fast and I lose track of everything to be thankful for in the rush.

With a book like On This Christmas, I am excited to preserve those memories (and enjoy the beauty of this journal!).

On This Christmas is a beautifully decorated hardcover journal. The pretty, warm aspect of the front cover continues through the book with full-page illustrations of Christmas-y things, like trees, ornaments, and cozy winter scenes.

This book is meant to be written in, so every daily entry offers space to answer a thought-provoking question. Every day in the month of December includes a question, such as:

Whom are you praying for this Christmas?Which gift are you most excited to share? Why?How have you seen God's love at work this month? The books is divided into years (you can record up to 5) with each day asking the same question over the course …

Heart-Rendering, Honest Story of Reliance on God

I've loved Julie Roberts' music for many years--her hit songs like "Men and Mascara" and "Break Down Here" were able to draw emotion even from those who couldn't relate to the heartbreak. Because of her ability to draw emotion from such sad songs, I thought she must have quite a story, but I never imagined it would be so heart-rendering.

Julie's heartfelt, beautiful voice continues to resonate through Beauty in the Breakdown, and, oh, am I ever glad she was brave enough to write it.  

This is one inspirational biography, beginning right in the thick of things with her abusive, difficult childhood, living with an alcoholic father. This story follows her trail of aspiration to becoming a full-fledged country star, only to have readers share in her heartbreak as we experience her world crumbling down.

Julie's tone remains optimistic even when describing the most terrible heartache. Her reliance on God is steady through these pages.

This story of st…

A Fresh, Family-Friendly Take on a Classic Story

If you're a fan of Little Women, whether the original book or any other adaptation, you are going to love this new movie.

A retelling of the original tale, this version of Little Women is set in modern day. Elements of the
story are definitely familiar to the original but it's a truly fresh take (complete with curling irons and sneakers!).

I was hoping for a feel good movie, and that's exactly what this is--a sweet, family-friendly flick. Little Women will always hold a special place in my heart and I'm so glad there is a fun new film to enjoy in this season every year. This film checked off all my boxes:

Don't say I didn't warn you--you'll laugh and you'll cry with this one. If you're a Little Women purist, this might not be your thing, but I loved the updated feeling; it added character to the beloved story.

Check it out in theaters starting September 28!

For more information, check out these links:
WebsiteLittle …

Simple, Trustworthy Bible with All the Basics

I like the style of this Bible; straightforward, kid-friendly illustrations, and the trusted NKJV translation. (And, being paperback, this is a very affordable Bible!)

Kept simple, it does include a few extra, full-color pages, including:

-Bible Timeline
-Bible Verses to Know
-Favorite Bible Verses
-How Do I Pray?
-Names of God
-Maps and more

I really like the cover of this Bible and that style follows on the rest of the special pages. The rest of the Bible is fairly basic and straightforward, making it a good one to use in my Sunday School class.

This Bible would make a great for a gift in Sunday School or giving to children who don't have a Bible. The dedication page at the front makes this especially easy and the price makes it affordable!

Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Unique, Spirit-Focused Bible Stories

This storybook Bible is just wonderful. The Spirit of God Illustrated Bible is a true storybook Bible, with friendly and easy-to-read text alongside full-page, full-color illustrations.

I really loved the uniqueness of this Bible; the interesting thing about this Bible is that you will find stories that aren't as common in typical storybook Bibles. Instead, all these stories include the Spirit of God. To me, this is refreshing and interesting. Kids that are Sunday School attendees and have heard every story might get something fresh to keep their focus here.

There are over 25 stories from the Old Testament and more than 15 from the New Testament, many told from a new angle (focusing on the Spirit's work) or a fresh story altogether! Some of the unique Bible stories included "The Spirit Helps Amasai Speak Up," "The Spirit Inspires Bezalel," "Ezekiel Travels on the Wings of the Spirit," and "The Spirit Takes Philip Away."

In an illustrated …

The Perfect Tool to Get to Know Your Bible (and God) Better

If you've read any of my other Moody Bible Study reviews, you know I love them all. He is Enough lived up to my (high) expectations.

A 6-week Bible study on Colossians, this book makes it easy to get into the Word and unpack it in a new way. The cool thing about this workbook is that it offers two tracks depending on the time you have (no excuse to not get into the Bible!). "Snack on the Go" is a shorter, one or two page reading with a reflective question or two and some reading. "Feast at the Table" is a gorgeously slow unpacking of the text with "Focus on God," "Engage the Text," "Assess the Main Idea," "Spark Transformation," and "Turn to God in Worship" sections. This allows readers to spend time not only in reflection but near to God with scripture, prayer, and worship.

I have never encountered a Bible Study like this but I love it! Besides the format of the book, the content is rich. You're sure to fin…

Enrich your Prayer Life with Simple Bible-Based Prayers

In a conversation with a friend lately, we'd realized that we both were experiencing a prayer rut. Our prayers, instead of something exciting or glorifying, or direct, were simply becoming form prayers - something hearkening back to my pre-mealtime prayers as a child: "LordblessthisfoodforJesus'sakeamen."

In particular, I've been wondering how to reduce my "asking God for things" element of prayer and improving my "glorifying God" aspect of prayer. When I saw "Praying God's Promises," I figured it didn't hurt to pick up. With a repertoire like Linda Evans Shepherd (she has 3 other books I've seen or heard of that are also related to prayer), I knew I was on to something good.

Praying the scriptures is something I've tried to do about three times in my life. Each time, it's been wonderful and a spirit-filled experience, but due to my lack of confidence or knowledge, I haven't immersed myself in it. This book is …

A Fantastic Reminder of God's Promises in Shaky Times

Max Lucado's writing has always felt like a comfort to me. When picking up Praying the Promises, you can expect something easy-to-read and reliable. This small hardcover book beautifully outlines God's promises to us and backs it up with Scripture.

In a bit of a devotional/gift book style, each chapter includes:
-A one-page overview of a promise of God (called "unshakable hope")
-Bible verses to back it up (highlighted as "promises from God")
-A prayer to apply that promise to your life
-An "I am" or "I will" statement as your response

With promises like "God Will Guide You," "The Best is Yet to Be," and "Joy is Coming Soon," this book is a fantastic way to remind yourself of God's promises to you and how they can change your outlook. What a great way to ground yourself when things are feeling shaky--and I especially appreciate the use of Scripture to support these promises. This book would make a great …

Heartwarming Reminder of God's Faithfulness

Sometimes you just need to watch a sweet, heartfelt film. And God Bless the Broken Road is one of those movies. These days, movies keep me on the edge of my seat for all the wrong reasons--swearing, crudeness, and gory action. This movie has a lot of plot and a lot of heart but without the crummy stuff.

This heartwarming film centers on Amber, a widow raising up her 9-year old daughter, Bree, on her own. Her struggles go far beyond missing her husband - she works 7 days a week to make ends meet, and things aren't going so smoothly. To add to is, her faith has been shaky since the loss of her husband. Some circumstances, including a new interest, racecar driver Cody Jackson, force Amber to re-evaluate her journey on the broken road and come to terms with her faith in God.

One thing is for sure; bring along the tissues for this movie. Starting off with a impactful death, Amber's journey in Bless the Broken Road is one disappointment after another. Lindsay Pulsipher brings her a…

Jokes for Kids (and Adults too)

I've recently discovered that kids love jokes. Thinking way, way back, I remember this, from when I was a kid...I recall an extremely-worn-out-cover-about-to-fall-off knock knock book that I could not get enough of.

Well, I think I've found that book for the next generation: Crack Yourself Up Jokes for Kids.

This book features hundreds of good, clean jokes that kids will love. Classic knock knocks, punchy one-liners, and punny riddles fill the pages along with cute cartoony illustrations that add to the jokes.

Kids ages 6-12 (prime joke age) will appreciate this book and enjoy telling these jokes to whoever might listen.

And, yes, this book is also apparently for kids, but you might just enjoy reading a few of these jokes yourself...

Q: What did the contractor say to the electrician when he arrived to the work site at noon?
A: Wire you insulate?


Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Instilling a Gratitude Mindset

I've been feeling sulky lately. After hearing time and time again to change my mindset and reflect on the grace God has given me, I've decided I need to intentionally show more gratitude. And this type of devotional definitely helps with that.

Besides being adorably pretty, 365 Devotions for a Thankful Heart has a year's worth of reminders we need. The devotional starts out on January 1, with a Bible verse, page-long devotional, and short prayer for each day of the year.

Some daily readings include:
-Awakening Gratitude
-Finding Beauty in the Weeds
-Awestruck by God's Grandeur
-Gratitude Recalibrated

The devotionals are written in a friendly, conversational tone and easy to digest as part of your morning routine. The peach and teal coloring continues throughout the pages, making it nice to look at as well.

So far, there hasn't been a book in this series that I've been disappointed by. They make great gifts for someone who may be struggling with the topic at ha…

Authentic Christian Struggles and the God Who Takes Care of Them

What a privilege to watch God's Not Dead - A Light in Darkness. I recently re-watched the first movie in the God's Not Dead series and I was struck by gratefulness for the fact that we can have quality Christian movies in the mainstream market like this.

A Light in Darkness delivered what I've come to expect from the God's Not Dead movies. Quality filmography, sharp acting, mutli-faceted storylines, and a satisfying conclusion that gets me thinking about my faith.

This movie takes off running, with Pastor Dave in prison (picking up from the previous movie). From there, the main incident unfolds--the on-campus church, St. James, is burned down. This tragedy is enough to make anyone grow disillusioned, but Hadleigh University pushes it even further by removing the congregation from campus altogether. The main crux of the film is how Christians should respond to this issue and still be a light to others. Some interesting sideline stories also add to the plot--a student ques…

Wisdom Straight From God's Word

I love books like this. This little hardcover book is the perfect resource to have on your night table or bookshelf for when you're in trouble.

The idea of this book is to have something to turn to when you are faced with trials--the layout of the book is 1. a challenge or situation and 2. God's wisdom and promises to rely on in that situation. The wisdom and promises are straight from God's Word, making this book an excellent resource when you aren't sure where to look in the Bible.

Some topics include:
God's Promises that Jesus is Your... (Companion, Savior, Security, Sufficiency)What The Bible Says About... (Gossip, Serving God, Eternity)How to Let God Guide You in Your Relationships (With Your Spouse, With Your Friends, With Your Church)God's Promises for When You Need (Courage, Peace, Confidence, Love) I really love the look and feel of this book - it would be a great gift book for a young man searching for God's wisdom and desiring to get more in the …

Pretty Imagery and a Good Reminder

Immediately drawn to the pretty cover of this book, I was really happy to see what was inside.

Journaling is my happy place, so a book that inspires thankfulness and allows space to unpack those thoughts is so positive. We all face times of difficulty and a book like this sure provides a good reminder to have a perspective of thankfulness.

When you open this pretty rectangular book, you'll find 100 daily readings alongside gorgeous imagery (some photographs and some illustrations). Each day starts with Bible verse, a devotional-style reflection, and then allows a few lines to write out some thoughts in response to a question.

The imagery throughout this book is really lovely, and it helps the reader relax and slow down and meditate on thankfulness. Some pages are full-color images with an overlaid thought as well.

This book would make a wonderful gift (though I'll definitely be keeping this one for myself to enjoy!

Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher in exchange…

Spiritual Lessons from the Horse World

So I'm one of these people that sees a horse on something and immediately picks it up. Being someone who loves horses, I just couldn't resist this book.

I really enjoyed this devotional. Along with 100 devotionals relating horse-life with scripture, these pages are filled with gorgeous horse pictures to enjoy. Some pages have full-sized spreads to admire.

Each devotional begins with a short verse that applies to the text, talks a bit about horses and something spiritual that we can learn from them, and ends with a prayer. These devotionals are short and sweet (about 1-2 pages) and will have any horse lover nodding and laughing along.

This book would make a fantastic gift for any Christian who has a horse or loves horses. Turns out there is a lot we can learn from this beautiful creature!

Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Touching Text Sprinkled with Prayers, Art, Poetry, and Journal Entries

I've been a fan of Flyleaf since the beginning. Lacey Sturm's story has always been one I've found so inspiring. When I saw another book she'd published, The Return, I was immediately drawn to it.

This book is beautiful. Lacey is so clearly in love with her Savior, and that seeps through these pages. I finished this book quickly because I was so mesmerized by the personal text and imagery. I felt myself being drawn towards God and a full life of loving Him just by reading her personal experiences and stories.

The Return is not a typical novel--its pages are full of imagery, poetry, prayer, journaling...something I, as a creative person, found really engaging and beautiful. It's very rhythmic and poetic writing, and chapters are made up of touching text but also sprinkled with song lyrics, prayers, art, poetry, drawings, and journal entries. The creative flavor immediately attracted me to this book and helped me digest the content even more.

I'm so thankful for L…

A Guide for Every Scenario - and Fun Ideas, Too

I knew from the second I saw this book that I'd love it. I really dig my teeth into these resource-style books. Why?
1. It is like a textbook, filled with useful information, but fun and very practical.
2. It has easy to read tips and tools for a wide variety of life skills.
3. It's fun to read.

The Girls' Guide to Conquering Life is packed with useful tips--there really is something for every scenario in this book, and lots of simply few fun ideas, too! Full of callouts, illustrations, easy-to-read bullet points and numbered lists, this book is a great tool for girls.

The guide is broken down into 10 categories:
1. Guys & Dating (my fav: How to Plan a Date)
2. Social Skills & Manners (my fav: How to Wrap a Gift)
3. Work & Ethics (my fav: How to ask for a Raise)
4. Wealth & Money Management (my fav: How to Live Debt-Free)
5. Health & Beauty (my fav: How to Properly Wash Your Hair)
6. Clothes & Fashion (my fav: How to Care for Leather Shoes or Boots)
7. Spor…

Friendly, Soft Illustrations and Read-Along Text

Honestly, kids these days have it so easy. Yes, my parents read to me before bedtime, but not with a book as nice as this one! A soft, padded cover with glow-in-the-dark elements. Read-along text. Friendly, soft illustrations.

20 Bible stories fill up the thick (kid-friendly) pages of this book, including classics like "Noah's Ark," "Samson," and "Jonah" along with New Testament favorites like "Baby Jesus is Born," "Jesus Calms the Storm," and "Jesus Goes to Heaven." Each story begins with a Bible reference to where the story can be found, has about 4-6 pages of text (in large print and simple words for early readers!), and closes with a goodnight prayer and related verse.

The simple text makes this book great for kids learning to read while the soft "Beginner's Bible" style illustrations are perfect for kids that still like to be read to. Kids who enjoy other books from "The Beginner's Bible" …

Understand the Psalms at a Deeper Level with 10 Minutes in the Word

I just had the opportunity to enjoy 10 Minutes in the Word - Proverbs, hoping they would make one of these devotionals for every book in the Bible! Obviously, I had to pick up 10 Minutes in the Word - Psalms.

This pretty little book did not disappoint. I love the clean branding; the navy blue and gold coloring just screams "summer devotional" to me! 

The 10 Minutes in the Word devotionals follow the same basic outline. Each devotional begins with several Bible verses, a Bible passage to read (in this book, 1-3 Psalms per devotional), 2 pages of devotional material, a prayer, and a call-out with a final takeaway. The devotionals unpack the context of the scripture--for instance, why David or Asaph wrote the Psalm--and how that can be applied to our lives today. 

I like a lot about this series and this devotional in particular:
-The Psalms subject--this is a more accessible book of the Bible for those growing their faith and a great place to start with study like this.
-The context…

Wise, Practical Application to Overcome Fear and Turn to God

God does work in mysterious ways. After a particularly difficult week with worry and fear, this book showed up on my doorstep. I forgot I ever ordered it and the line on the title "How to Find Peace for Your Anxious Heart" was speaking right to me.

For anyone else struggling with fear, anxiety, and the knee-jerk reactions it induces in your life, pick up this book. Maria Furlough writes from a wise, gentle perspective, and her personal story is one of strength and overcoming that offered me encouragement.

Every time I picked up this book, it had a way of speaking directly to how I was feeling and offering wise, practical application to help me think differently about my fears. Each chapter outlines part of Furlough's fear journey (and, in particular, her journey with the loss of her son) and redefines it with steps to overcome fear and move toward God.

Each chapter closes with several questions to unpack how fear is manifested in your life and how to apply what the chapt…