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Scary Insightful - Donald Miller is at it Again

So, Scary Close is good. I was expecting nothing less from the author of "Blue Like Jazz" and "A Million Miles in a Thousand Years." His writing style is poetic, insightful, and honest. And it cuts to the heart.

Scary Close is a book on relationships and finding real, honest intimacy with others. Miller walks the reader through his own experiences and lessons God has taught him about being dishonest and presenting a facade, and how breaking down those barriers leads to positive change in your relationships. Most importantly, he emphasizes how desperately we need this change in our relationships.

I can't stop using the word honest to define this book. It's heartfelt and so clear, and I think that's the whole point. Stop pretending and start being the real you--the one God knows and loves. Pairing these key lessons with genuine anecdotes from his life, Miller gives you a very convincing argument. There were so many great lines and lessons in this book; I re…