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A Guide for Every Scenario - and Fun Ideas, Too

I knew from the second I saw this book that I'd love it. I really dig my teeth into these resource-style books. Why?
1. It is like a textbook, filled with useful information, but fun and very practical.
2. It has easy to read tips and tools for a wide variety of life skills.
3. It's fun to read.

The Girls' Guide to Conquering Life is packed with useful tips--there really is something for every scenario in this book, and lots of simply few fun ideas, too! Full of callouts, illustrations, easy-to-read bullet points and numbered lists, this book is a great tool for girls.

The guide is broken down into 10 categories:
1. Guys & Dating (my fav: How to Plan a Date)
2. Social Skills & Manners (my fav: How to Wrap a Gift)
3. Work & Ethics (my fav: How to ask for a Raise)
4. Wealth & Money Management (my fav: How to Live Debt-Free)
5. Health & Beauty (my fav: How to Properly Wash Your Hair)
6. Clothes & Fashion (my fav: How to Care for Leather Shoes or Boots)
7. Spor…

Friendly, Soft Illustrations and Read-Along Text

Honestly, kids these days have it so easy. Yes, my parents read to me before bedtime, but not with a book as nice as this one! A soft, padded cover with glow-in-the-dark elements. Read-along text. Friendly, soft illustrations.

20 Bible stories fill up the thick (kid-friendly) pages of this book, including classics like "Noah's Ark," "Samson," and "Jonah" along with New Testament favorites like "Baby Jesus is Born," "Jesus Calms the Storm," and "Jesus Goes to Heaven." Each story begins with a Bible reference to where the story can be found, has about 4-6 pages of text (in large print and simple words for early readers!), and closes with a goodnight prayer and related verse.

The simple text makes this book great for kids learning to read while the soft "Beginner's Bible" style illustrations are perfect for kids that still like to be read to. Kids who enjoy other books from "The Beginner's Bible" …

Understand the Psalms at a Deeper Level with 10 Minutes in the Word

I just had the opportunity to enjoy 10 Minutes in the Word - Proverbs, hoping they would make one of these devotionals for every book in the Bible! Obviously, I had to pick up 10 Minutes in the Word - Psalms.

This pretty little book did not disappoint. I love the clean branding; the navy blue and gold coloring just screams "summer devotional" to me! 

The 10 Minutes in the Word devotionals follow the same basic outline. Each devotional begins with several Bible verses, a Bible passage to read (in this book, 1-3 Psalms per devotional), 2 pages of devotional material, a prayer, and a call-out with a final takeaway. The devotionals unpack the context of the scripture--for instance, why David or Asaph wrote the Psalm--and how that can be applied to our lives today. 

I like a lot about this series and this devotional in particular:
-The Psalms subject--this is a more accessible book of the Bible for those growing their faith and a great place to start with study like this.
-The context…

Wise, Practical Application to Overcome Fear and Turn to God

God does work in mysterious ways. After a particularly difficult week with worry and fear, this book showed up on my doorstep. I forgot I ever ordered it and the line on the title "How to Find Peace for Your Anxious Heart" was speaking right to me.

For anyone else struggling with fear, anxiety, and the knee-jerk reactions it induces in your life, pick up this book. Maria Furlough writes from a wise, gentle perspective, and her personal story is one of strength and overcoming that offered me encouragement.

Every time I picked up this book, it had a way of speaking directly to how I was feeling and offering wise, practical application to help me think differently about my fears. Each chapter outlines part of Furlough's fear journey (and, in particular, her journey with the loss of her son) and redefines it with steps to overcome fear and move toward God.

Each chapter closes with several questions to unpack how fear is manifested in your life and how to apply what the chapt…

Marriage Preparation, Building, or Restoration - as a Team

As you can tell from my reading history, I'm always on the hunt for  looking for practical marriage advice. Not a narrative about what worked for one couple, but advice I can start to implement in my relationship now. I'm so glad I picked this book up.

Full of practical, personal advice from Ashleigh (including many callouts from her husband, Ted), Team Us is a great book for marriage preparation, building, or restoration.

One difference this book offers aside from other marriage books is the "Us" factor. Rather than singularly trying to resolve issues by changing your own behavior, this book helps you see marriage as a team effort. You resolve conflict as a team. You offer grace as a team. You have fun as a team. It makes the effort that much more rewarding. Each of the 10 chapters ends with "Us Time," a section with 5 discussion questions that help apply the chapter's material to your life.

I really liked the tone of this book. Since each chapter is …

Applying Wisdom from Proverbs to Your Life with 10 Minutes in the Word

10 Minutes in the Word - Proverbs is a fantastic resource for those of you looking for a quick devotional and more wisdom. This cute, compact book is an easy-10 minute daily read.

46 devotionals unpack the wisdom found in the 31 books of proverbs. Titles include:
-Listening is a Skill
-Guard Your Heart
-Dealing with Temptation
-Wisdom with money and Work
-Choosing Words Carefully
-Love Covers an Offense
-The Perils of Flattery
-Noble Character

Devotionals start with a Bible passage, then instructions on what part of Proverbs to read (e.g., Proverbs 6:1-9, or sometimes a whole chapter), followed by a short devotional, a prayer, and a callout box with application questions. The prayer and application questions often take up an entire page, really making it an intimate time between you and God.

We could all use a little more wisdom in our lives and this read makes it easy to not only read a book of the Bible chock-full of wisdom, but actually apply it to our lives. This book would also m…