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Making God Known to the Next Generation

I often find that the sweetest part of the day with a child is that time when you sit down on their bed and read their bedtime devotional. As someone who appreciates this special time, I'm always on the hunt for a fresh devotional to read to the kids.

The I AM devotional is a book of devotions centered on the names of God (100 devotions based on 40 names, in fact!). A lot of kid's devotions are based on Bible stories that they might be very familiar with, so I liked this fresh take on the subject. It's bound to stick out as something new to kids.

Each devotional has a name of God in the top left corner (examples include El Shaddai, Abba, Son of God, Jehovah, etc.). The devotional starts with a short Bible verse, a few paragraphs on life application (nicely tying in real life and what the Bible teaches us), includes a prayer, and several discussion questions.

What do I especially like about this devotional? A few key things:

Solid teaching in an accessible, relateable way f…