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A Sweet Bedtime Story They'll Want to Read Again and Again

Night Night, Farm, is so sweet. Through soft illustrations, rhyming statements, and involved "touch and feel" features, kiddies can say goodnight to a sheep, pigs, cattle, horses, kittens, chickens, and more. In an element I especially liked, kids say goodnight to God, too. There are sweet little mice on each page to follow as well.

I'm pre-disposed to liking farm-related anything; especially for kids (I just want them to appreciate farm life, you know?). But I really like this cute story. Every spread has a touch-and-feel element! This means sheep's wool is curly, piggies are silky, and cat's fur is actually as soft as it looks. The story is made real for children as they touch the items on the page.

I'm picky about illustrations. In children's books, they have to be cutesy and soft all at once. I don't want boring, adult-looking illustrations when kids have such bright imaginations. All that said, I loved the artwork in this book (the illustrator i…

This Bible Will Encourage You to Read the Word

Okay, I admit, I have enough floral Bibles to last a lifetime. But I'm not sorry--there are just too many good options available!

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to review the Woman's Study Bible in NKJV. Taking it out of the box, it was one of the most beautiful Bibles I've ever seen. When I opened it, it just got better. I've had the same wonderful experience opening this Woman's Study Bible (in NIV).

Though a Bible is always so much more than its cover, this Bible is also beautiful. Pretty navy-themed floral imagery on the cover is carried throughout the Bible, and an attractive, modern font heads the different chapters and sections.

And it's packed with additional information and study material. While Bibles with just plain scripture are beneficial in their own right, this Bible features so many extras to make it something truly special and personal.
Just a few of the extras include:
Marriage CovenantFamily TreeQuotes that apply to the textArticles s…