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A Staple Read Year After Year

A timely little book, From Heaven is an Advent that takes you through the days leading up to Christmas. This compact, hardcover book will be sure to be a staple read year after year and a great way to lean in to the advent season and get closer to God.

I had just read Mornings with Tozer and found those devotionals to be very impactful. Being the season and all, this was my next pick.

Separated into 4 weeks with 7 days each, From Heaven's devotions start with a title and then have a verse (sometimes more) related to the topic. The devotionals are longer than I expected for a book of this size; they are up to four pages each. The tone is very conversational (the text is taken from Tozer's sermons) but the subject matter is always compelling and thought-provoking. The wisdom of Tozer is timeless and well-applied to a devotional like this.

One thing I particularly liked about this devotional was the depth of each one. They are multiple pages long, and it really is like listening…

A Motivating, Heart-to-Heart Style Devotional

Bravery. There's something we all stand in need of.

I am always drawn to pretty books (and this one fits the bill). With a sparkling hard cover, attractive font, and thick, glossy pages, it's an easy book to leave sitting out (and, if you're the type, to include in Instagram posts!).

And the material that really hits home. As someone who often gets caught up in the worry of life, it helps to have a motivation and daily encouragement to be courageous. Annie Downs speaks in a very conversational tone and that makes the readings easy to consume; like having a heart-to-heart with a wise friend.

Devotions are two pages each, laid out with a Bible verse, a short reading, a call out box quote, and then a "Be Brave" action item or thought-provoking question to apply the devotional to your day. The Be Brave action items are challenging and will help you grow; for example, call a friend, eat dinner with someone, take a break from your phone. This book not only inspires you…