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Look and Tell Bible - Fun Interpretation of Bible Stories

From the minute I held this book in my hands, I was excited to share it with the kids in my life. It's a nice square board book (bigger than I thought it would be) with a 3D textured cover.

The stories are told in a "rebus" format to encourage learning. One side of the page has the different pictures with their caption (i.e., earth, animal, food, sea, Daniel) and the opposite page tells the story with the images in place of certain words. The words are large and clear and the images are bright and fun. Stories include Creation, Noah's Ark, The Story of Joseph, Daniel and the Lion's Den, Jesus is Born, Easter, and more.

Children will be drawn to this book for these reasons:
The illustrations are so much fun - cute and easy to interpret. This makes the stories that much more engaging for young readers.The physical book is built for young hands. The hard cover can handle being dropped on the floor and the board pages are thick and easy to flip.  I can see toddlers a…

Minecrafter's Bible - The New Way of Engaging with Kids

A long, long, loooong time ago, I had a Bible for kids. It was in an easy-to-read version and I marked up many pages with highlighter. I don't think it had any pictures.

Boy, we have come a long way. This Bible is made just for kids. Obviously, being Minecraft-themed, it's built for that demographic, but there's much more:

It's light and small - the hardcover makes it durable and feel like a real book, but the size of the Bible makes it easier for kids to hold and flip through.It's got lots of color - 24 pages of Minecraft-y pictures and content and an engaging color cover. The art is lots of fun and all in Minecraft brick style. Minecraft applications - several pages distributed throughout the book have boxy illustrations with a summary of the story (i.e., Noah's ark, 10 commandments, Jesus is born, feeding the  5,000, etc.). Each includes suggested passages to read and a Minecraft-based application (i.e., have your character go fishing, try to recreate the tab…

Lifehacks Bible - Living Out What You Read

Trending now: Bibles that offer even more than just the Word. I've always liked children's storybook Bibles, but it's exciting to see new editions offered for adults--journal Bibles, adventure Bibles, and even this Lifehacks Bible.

I wasn't sure what to expect when I ordered this Bible--perhaps a devotional and Bible in one? Close guess. The NIV Lifehacks Bible is an attractive hardcover Bible jam-packed with "lifehacks" or anecdotes about how to apply the selected passage. I expected a few of these sprinkled throughout, following key themes. Instead, what you'll find is (at the very least) one every few pages. That is a selling point for me. Example articles include:

4 Tips for Making Wise Decisions6 Steps for Interpreting the BibleHow to Walk in Obedience (Even When You Don't Feel Like It) The Bible is full of wisdom to begin with, but a Bible that includes practical, applicable advice to get you thinking about and living out what it says is very imp…