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Jokes for Kids (and Adults too)

I've recently discovered that kids love jokes. Thinking way, way back, I remember this, from when I was a kid...I recall an extremely-worn-out-cover-about-to-fall-off knock knock book that I could not get enough of.

Well, I think I've found that book for the next generation: Crack Yourself Up Jokes for Kids.

This book features hundreds of good, clean jokes that kids will love. Classic knock knocks, punchy one-liners, and punny riddles fill the pages along with cute cartoony illustrations that add to the jokes.

Kids ages 6-12 (prime joke age) will appreciate this book and enjoy telling these jokes to whoever might listen.

And, yes, this book is also apparently for kids, but you might just enjoy reading a few of these jokes yourself...

Q: What did the contractor say to the electrician when he arrived to the work site at noon?
A: Wire you insulate?


Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Instilling a Gratitude Mindset

I've been feeling sulky lately. After hearing time and time again to change my mindset and reflect on the grace God has given me, I've decided I need to intentionally show more gratitude. And this type of devotional definitely helps with that.

Besides being adorably pretty, 365 Devotions for a Thankful Heart has a year's worth of reminders we need. The devotional starts out on January 1, with a Bible verse, page-long devotional, and short prayer for each day of the year.

Some daily readings include:
-Awakening Gratitude
-Finding Beauty in the Weeds
-Awestruck by God's Grandeur
-Gratitude Recalibrated

The devotionals are written in a friendly, conversational tone and easy to digest as part of your morning routine. The peach and teal coloring continues throughout the pages, making it nice to look at as well.

So far, there hasn't been a book in this series that I've been disappointed by. They make great gifts for someone who may be struggling with the topic at ha…

Authentic Christian Struggles and the God Who Takes Care of Them

What a privilege to watch God's Not Dead - A Light in Darkness. I recently re-watched the first movie in the God's Not Dead series and I was struck by gratefulness for the fact that we can have quality Christian movies in the mainstream market like this.

A Light in Darkness delivered what I've come to expect from the God's Not Dead movies. Quality filmography, sharp acting, mutli-faceted storylines, and a satisfying conclusion that gets me thinking about my faith.

This movie takes off running, with Pastor Dave in prison (picking up from the previous movie). From there, the main incident unfolds--the on-campus church, St. James, is burned down. This tragedy is enough to make anyone grow disillusioned, but Hadleigh University pushes it even further by removing the congregation from campus altogether. The main crux of the film is how Christians should respond to this issue and still be a light to others. Some interesting sideline stories also add to the plot--a student ques…

Wisdom Straight From God's Word

I love books like this. This little hardcover book is the perfect resource to have on your night table or bookshelf for when you're in trouble.

The idea of this book is to have something to turn to when you are faced with trials--the layout of the book is 1. a challenge or situation and 2. God's wisdom and promises to rely on in that situation. The wisdom and promises are straight from God's Word, making this book an excellent resource when you aren't sure where to look in the Bible.

Some topics include:
God's Promises that Jesus is Your... (Companion, Savior, Security, Sufficiency)What The Bible Says About... (Gossip, Serving God, Eternity)How to Let God Guide You in Your Relationships (With Your Spouse, With Your Friends, With Your Church)God's Promises for When You Need (Courage, Peace, Confidence, Love) I really love the look and feel of this book - it would be a great gift book for a young man searching for God's wisdom and desiring to get more in the …

Pretty Imagery and a Good Reminder

Immediately drawn to the pretty cover of this book, I was really happy to see what was inside.

Journaling is my happy place, so a book that inspires thankfulness and allows space to unpack those thoughts is so positive. We all face times of difficulty and a book like this sure provides a good reminder to have a perspective of thankfulness.

When you open this pretty rectangular book, you'll find 100 daily readings alongside gorgeous imagery (some photographs and some illustrations). Each day starts with Bible verse, a devotional-style reflection, and then allows a few lines to write out some thoughts in response to a question.

The imagery throughout this book is really lovely, and it helps the reader relax and slow down and meditate on thankfulness. Some pages are full-color images with an overlaid thought as well.

This book would make a wonderful gift (though I'll definitely be keeping this one for myself to enjoy!

Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher in exchange…