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For a Bedtime Routine Your Child Will Love

Look at this book! Look at these illustrations!

Ok, obviously I love this book. I could soak up these soft, warm graphics all day. Plus, it has a sparkly cover.

But you know what they say - never judge a book by its cover. I'm pleased to say that the inside it just as good, with the beautiful illustrations throughout PLUS great content as well.

God's Words to Dream On includes Bible stories from both the Old and New Testaments (stories like Moses in the Basket, David and Goliath, the Paralyzed Man, and Jesus' Ascension to Heaven). 52 stories and 216 pages of content mean the stories will last you for many bedtimes (plus, there will be stories your child will want again and again)!

Every bedtime story begins with "God's Words to Dream On," a Bible passage; then about three pages of text; followed by a "Bedtime Blessing," a summarizing thought; and a "Sleepytime Prayer," a goodnight prayer related to the story. 

This Bible storybook is frame…

Overcome, Settle Your Soul, and Grow

All I needed to do was look at the cover to know I'd like this book. Settle my soul? Yes. Quiet moments with Jesus? Yes. Pretty? Yes.

Settle My Soul probably sounds just up your alley, too - if you've ever felt overwhelmed, too busy, or even not sure how to talk to God. With 100 devotions, you will be sure to have many opportunities to overcome, settle, and grow.

Devotions start with a Bible verse, a one and a half page devotional (that is very applicable to real life), closes with a written prayer, and *yay* includes space to brainstorm after considering one or two discussion questions.

I love the space to scribble - mostly because it doesn't let me get away with sleepy devotional reading. You have to listen when you have to make a personal application!

Karen Ehman and Ruth Schwenk tag-team these devotions, giving you a fresh read all 100 days. Ehman and Schwenk are pros, and this book affirms their authority in the realm of devotionals and womanhood. I appreciated the wr…

25 Years Ago Today

25 years. 25 years today.

April 7, 2019 - a day set aside by the United Nations to mark the 25th anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide.

Most of us, myself included, don't think about this horrific event on a regular basis. But for survivors? It doesn't seem so long ago at all.

So how do we recognize and remember this event, for the sake of our brothers and sisters around the world? How do we facilitate healing?

Thankfully, many organizations, including Compassion Canada, is participating today, April 7, by lifting up the inspiring example of how the Church, Christians, Rwandan survivors, and government, have been working diligently and intentionally to rebuild.

For a thought-provoking journey remembering this event, check out Compassion Canada's post. And let's continue to pray for peace and love to grow as we remember this tragic event.

Grow Closer to God and Deepen Faith

You know by now that I'm a huge fan of these Bible studies put out by Moody Publishers. For someone like me, who best learns by working through and writing, these are a game changer for faith building.

I was drawn to Who Do You Say That I Am, an 8-week study by Becky Harling to assist in this years' attempt to get to know Jesus better. Knowing the power of these studies, plus the relevant topic of this one, I figured this would be a very helpful tool.

Who Do You Say That I Am offers 8 weeks of study, each week focusing on a different "I Am" saying of Jesus (think "I Am the Bread of Life," "I Am the Light," I Am the Vine"). While seemingly a simple idea, there is a lot to unpack with each of these statements and Bible passages.

Harling makes readers think about these passages and certainly grow in the process. Each week offers 5 days of study, with a 1-2 page devotional followed by an "explore" section with your observations on a text…

Happy, Bright, and an Important Reminder for Grace

After seeing "A Simplified Life," I've wanted to grab another book by Emily Ley for a while.

I love so much about A Standard of Grace. The happy colors, the journaling aspect, the message. It's the perfect book to grab for spring and a fresh start.

A Standard of Grace offers readers 52 journaling prompts (one a week), each beginning with a key Bible verse, a short devotional, and two thought-provoking questions. A full page is offered for answers to these questions, great for pencilling in thoughts and growing along the way.

First off, this journal is beautiful. Happy and classy, with pops of color, the larger size makes it easy to capture your thoughts. Bright, full-size pictures keep the content fresh.

I also think the topic is so important for many women to remember - to, no matter what the circumstances, remember to give yourself grace. It's a theme that's been cropping up in my life a lot lately, and I think many of us need this reminder.

Some fun extras…