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Blessings for the Morning: An Uplifting Way to Start Your Day

A small, hardcover book, Blessings for the Morning is an incredibly uplifting read. Each page has a scripture paired with a heartfelt blessing. Susie Larson has a gift--it truly feels like you are prayed over with each page.

I had previously enjoyed Blessings for the Evening, and this book follows that vein. Obviously, rather than peaceful, end-of-day messages, these readings a "fresh start" kind of tone (even the pictures reflect day rather than evening). I loved that each blessing and prayer was centered on a Bible verse.

Beautiful pictures and beautiful words make this a valuable addition to your (or a friends') night table. I had trouble limiting myself to one reading a day--this book is full of beautiful blessings and prayers over your day that are uplifting at any time (morning, noon, and evening!).

Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Another Home Run from Max Lucado

I don't know what it is about Max Lucado, but he's got the corner on Christian inspirational non-fiction. So far, I've only enjoyed everything he's written, and Let the Journey Begin did not break that pattern.

Set as a gift book for a momentous event--graduation, marriage, starting your career--Let the Journey Begin is a compilation of content from Lucado's other books, all framed around key themes of the journey of life.

In typical Lucado style, I would be in tears one moment and laughing aloud the next. This book drew me into prayer with God and was a great tool for strengthening that relationship.

This book would make a fantastic gift; it includes a "Presented to" inscription on the first page, a note-taking section at the end, and a lot of contemplative material in between. Definitely meaningful and something to hold on to!

Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.