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Adorable Drawings Make This Board Book a Keeper

What a sweet book!! This is definitely one I will be buying multiple copies of to gift at baby showers!

You're My Little Sweet Pea is an adorable book with rhyming pages about how much the reader loves their little sweet pea. The words are perfect:

Your giggle always melts my heart.  You changed my world right from the start.
But what I love even more are the soft drawings. My goodness, the illustrations are cute. Little deer, fox, kitty, and bear pairs (and more) depict the words in the best way possible. I will be keeping an eye out for more books illustrated by Kit Chase!

With a puffy cover and thick board pages, this is a book that your child will love to hold and read, too. You're My Little Sweet Pea will be such a pleasure to read with the little sweet pea in your life.

Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Practical Inspiration to Love God and Others

I'm in love. You caught me.

I didn't think I could love this series any more, but I was wrong. They keep coming out with great devotions, and now you can add 365 Devotions to Love God and Love Others Well to the list. Whether you want to go with a theme on thankfulness, peace, love, or hope, the 365 Devotions series by Zondervan has you covered. In these trendy little hardback books, you'll find something for every need!

Like most of these devotionals, here's what you get with 365 Devotions to Love God and Others Well:

A full year's worth of curated devotions around lovingBeautiful design; the pretty floral on the cover extends throughout and a pretty pink tint brightens up the individual pagesDaily, palatable, page-long readings starting with a title, verse, devotion, and ending with a prayer I love the topic of this devotional, as being more selfless and loving God and others better is something I want to do. These devotions give readers a very practical way to a…

Get This Book In Every Girl's Hands

Ladies--admit it. Some days feel like a roller coaster of emotion. I barely remember what it was like to be young, but I faintly remember puberty and teen years being an even more wild ride (I'm talking tears of sorrow to tears of laughter in a 2-minute stretch!).

How I wish this book existed back when I was a teen. Priceless is a 30-day devotional that will help tween and teen girls process their emotions and feelings as well as growing closer to their Savior.

This book is lots of fun--besides the trendy, soft cover, these pages ache to be scribbled on. Each day in the 30-day series is full of interaction, including thoughtful questions; space to write with fill-in-the-blanks, reflection, and prayers; verses from the Psalms; and pre-written prayers that pray these verses back to God.

This devotional captures 30 days of different feelings, including feelings we've all been familiar with, like:
When I Feel AloneWhen I Feel BetrayedWhen I Feel Like CryingWhen I Feel Like Singing

A Great Way to Start the Year

I picked this book up on a whim, thinking that it had a nice cover and an appealing topic--prayers. This has turned out to be one of the most perfect books I could have chosen.

A Morning and Evening Prayerbook is exactly what it sounds like--daily, readers will find two pre-written prayers; one for morning and one for evening. Each page covers a different day of the year, with some prayers specific to the time of year (i.e., Advent, Lent, etc.). Sprinkled among these prayers are woodcut and engraved images by Albrecht Dürerthat add a certain hallowed element to the text. The book also includes some handy extras, like a bibliography and suggested reading (for those who would like to dig deeper into these prayers and liturgies) and and index (so you can search prayer by author, for instance.

Now, the prayers. This is truly a treasury of prayers. The prayers come from a wide-reaching variety of sources; from Protestant, Catholic, and Eastern Orthodox liturgies and greats, from the Old Te…