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Rest Assured - A Recovery Plan for Weary Souls

I'm so glad this book was written. As I was reading, I kept thinking of friends I wanted to buy this book for. The truth is, so many people in our society are burnt out with busy. It's important to recognize it, but we also need a plan on how to recover. This book provides just that.
Rest Assured is broken into two parts: Part 1: Enemies of Rest: The Intervention, and Part 2: Redeeming Rest: The Recovery. Part 1 discusses common enemies of rest, such as business, worry, technology, etc., and Part 2 provides tangible recovery methods, like creating time for God, solitude, leisure, and more. Each chapter ends with a few thoughtful questions (and space for you to write your answer) and some end with a one-week dare; a way to live out what you've just learned in the chapter.
While some over-committed, over-tired people may look at this book as more work and sigh, I think it can be a much-needed tool in the recovery process. Courtney's writing is easy to read and understand…