Classically Beautiful, Approachable Writing

What a classically beautiful devotional. The striking, engraved leather cover really makes Fixing My Eyes on Jesus a wonderful keepsake or gift.

Anne Graham Lotz is a known name for good reason. Her writing is familiar, easy to understand, and approachable, giving her devotions impact on the reader.

In Fixing My Eyes on Jesus, each day of the year has a devotional, all a page long. Each devotional has a topic (He Will Restore You, Eternal Life, The Light of Joy, Teaching by Example) meant to encourage and inspire you to draw nearer to Jesus. The devotional begins with a verse and a few paragraphs unpack a lesson. These devotionals are meant to be "moments" - easily and speedily consumable but meant to help form a good habit and help you focus on Jesus.

This is a great devotional for any believer, new or old. I really appreciated the size of the text and book itself; the larger size makes it perfect for someone who is more comfortable with larger print.

Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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